New Year’s Resolutions… What Good Are They?…

Did you know 85% of all New Year’s Resolutions don’t make it through the second week of February?  Why don’t we stick to these resolutions?  The problem is the motivation behind the resolution.  You have to have the desire to reach your goal that you have in mind.  If not, these are not resolutions, they are merely things you hope to achieve.  A mentor of mine told me a long time ago in the business world that ‘hope is not a plan’.  So why do we approach the anxiety filled New Year’s Day with hopes and not plans on how to reach them?  If you wanted to reach them, it would be a year round exercise and there is truly nothing special about January First every year.  Your training, ambitions, and goals should not change on one day.  You should refocus your priorities and evaluate your plans while reflecting on what has brought you success in the past.  Finally, as Tony Robbins often talks about, create a Massive Action Plan (MAP) or update your MAP for what you want to achieve.


The game of Steel Challenge in getting faster and faster every year.  As I have reflected upon my own performance there is a glaring opportunity in my classification time in Rimfire Rifle Open; Outer Limits.  As someone who has traditionally carried extra weight I know moving from box to box is not going to be my strength, but I can makeup through self-analysis and hard work.  At the time I write this, I have the third fastest classification time in the Rimfire Rifle Open division and my goal is to be #1.  The first place I start with people I work with is stages they are the furthest away from their peak time.  After practicing what I preach, three months ago, I did the same evaluation although I already knew the answer; Outer Limits.  This is where I needed to shift my focus because of the fastest of the fast rifle shooters, this is where I need to make up the most ground.


The intent of this article is not to break down all of the secrets of Outer Limits in Rimfire Rifle Open, but it is to share the split times I have on all five shots as a place for you to benchmark yourself.  I feel comfortable shooting Outer limits sub 10 seconds and this has taken a lot of repetition.  In the below video found on youtube I started the camera and ran a string.  I will admit in a match I like to be in the 3.35-3.45 on the first run and dial it up a bit, but I was able to hit a string at 95% of what I believe my current EDGE is.

Outer Limits RFRO Splits


Now, what is your MAP going to look like for 2020?


See you out on the range soon!


2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions… What Good Are They?…

  1. I never did a breakdown like that for Bailey on any stage let alone Outer Limits. It will be interesting to see where she is. I know her Achilles heel is the 1st shot on every stage. It’s always .7 or higher.Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

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    1. The key for me is to look at the splits when you are working on making something better IE: outer limits the transition time from the first box to the second is an area I have purposely worked on. If you don’t measure it, how can you improve it?


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