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What are people saying?

I took my 11 year old son to Steve after he had been shooting for a couple of months. He completely changed my sons mindset on how to approach this sport and gave him fundamentals that will allow him to continue growing better.  He helped my son set goals and really understand how to watch times and continue to push himself. His approach to training is fresh with high energy and we will continue coming back to get pushed to the next step!

Thank you, Ben


Steve is an excellent coach.  We have watched him dominate the steel shooting scene for some time now and when he started offering training we did not hesitate to sign up.

His laid back, but focused approach to competitive shooting is the perfect combination.  I would recommend Steve to anyone.  It doesn’t matter if you are a brand new shooter or an experienced veteran looking to improve your game, he will make you better!

We are super excited to continue our training with Steve



We had the opportunity to train with Steve on Saturday. Our goal was to improve our performance in Steel Challenge. We left the training with that goal met and more.  Steve had looked up our individual classifications with the intent to work with us on our weaknesses.  By the end of the training session he had given us the tools we needed to turn the weaknesses around. We went over the best ways to run each of the individual stages.  He gave us the goal times we needed for each string. He also talked about the mental aspect of competition and the importance of focus.  By the end of the training we were both shooting faster and more efficient.  We highly recommend training with Steve.

Gary and Judy


Elsie and I would like to thank Steve for his time and the valuable lessons we received! We worked with hand and trigger positions as well as stance. It allowed us to shoot some personal best at our last match! We look forward to getting together again soon!

Mike Baker (aka) Super Fan


My son, Chris, was fortunate recently to do some training with Steve at his facility. Their time together on the range was very beneficial to my son. Steve is a gifted shooter and knowledgeable instructor, and he has also been a great resource regarding equipment set up as well.



I was fortunate along with two other fellow shooters(friends) to spend a day training with Steve Foster. First off when we arrived we were greeted by Steve at his house (directions were spot on). He took us down to the range (short walk from parking) where he had a steel challenge stage already set up. Steve had tables set up along with a gas outdoor heater to knock of the morning chill. Each participate (3) had their own place at the table where Steve had placed a manual, a ball cap and some other small items pertaining to cleaning of guns/glasses. I must start off with the manual- These were individualized with ALL kinds of valuable information pertaining to steel challenge as well as myself. Steve took the time to put diagrams of every steel challenge stage in which we broke down over our morning discussions. Steve had also pulled my USPSA information-Classifications, matches I had shot, best times, average times ect ect. He even went as far as color coding which stages I could gain time in to maybe help me in my classifications as I climb towards GM. He also filled the manual with much much more- I was impressed. Each shooter received a calculator and pen to log times all day long throughout our training.

The training and discussions throughout the day were so valuable. It really made you think by studying your past times and breaking down stages and the little things that could help you gain valuable seconds. We ended up throughout the day setting up four stages and running them with various guns that I had brought with me. Steve was nice enough to shoot my guns and give me feedback as well as letting me shoot some of his fabulous guns he competes with.

We broke for lunch around noon- and this is when Steve took off the shooting cap and put on the chef hat- He fired up the grill and cooked us some fresh hot dogs and burgers. It was the perfect lunch.

After digesting our lunch over some shooting conversations we headed back to the range for more shooting and instruction. Once again we used our score sheets for times and notes throughout the day. We broke down our times and discussed valuable tidbits over seconds that could be gained. Steve was very knowledgeable in the sport of steel challenge and I was impressed on how he challenged me throughout the day. His teaching methods are very clear and understanding at the same time- he is pushing you to better scores and techniques. When the day was coming to a close I was wishing for more sunlight as I was so into the lesson that I wished I could have continued on shooting. I was able to work on four of my competition guns throughout the day. So if you’re looking to gain valuable instruction as well as find those important seconds that you need to shave off your stage times I honestly believe working with Steve Foster is well worth the time and money.