A plaque can mean so much..

I have been truly fortunate in my life to have a lot to celebrate. I grew up in a time where people worked hard for their accomplishments and were rewarded. One of the most memorable experiences I had with putting in work and achieving something was when I was playing CYO basketball in upstate New York. We were an average bunch of kids ranging from 10-11 years old. There was absolutely nothing special about any of us. All were average height, average jump shots, but we all had one thing in common; we all worked very hard. Our season seemed to be the only single thing that was important to us. We practiced six days a week and for 2 hours a day. I remember these practices fondly or at least the leg cramps and feeling like reverse peristalsis was going to happen!


Despite the intense work outs we quickly realized an average group of young men were in better shape and more disciplined than any other team we faced. Some of the teams we faced could dunk and I am confident some went on to play Division One NCAA basketball. This mediocre team went out to win our first game by a seemingly small margin. Then the next. Then the next. At the end of the season we went 22-0, undefeated! Whatever words I write next will not do this experience in my life the justice it truly deserves. It was a moment in time that would help shape the rest of my life. It taught me if I put in the work, which others did not want to, I could reach goals others thought would be impossible to reach. That $10 plaque meant so much to me, more than those presenting it to me could comprehend.


The 2019 World Speed Shooting Championships was hosted in Talladega Alabama. Brian with Hunters HD Gold decided to host an appreciation dinner for some of his brand ambassadors. It was an amazing venue and he definitely went above and beyond! Brian stood up in the front of the room after dinner and mingling. He told his story in words of sincerity and appreciation. I was surprised when Brian presented me with the Hunters HD Gold Founder’s Award for being pivotal to the brand’s success as his first Brand Ambassador he sponsored. This was affirmation of all the one-on-one discussions and efforts to promote a brand I truly trust my performance to was recognized.


I have been fortunate to be introduced to Brian through Larry Steeley Jr. Both of these men work extremely hard and give back to the sport more than many will ever know. They are both a case study of working hard and what materializes from it, just like my early basketball days. I am honored to work with both of them through this amazing journey. Remember, if you want something bad enough, make a plan and execute it. Your hard work will pay off!

See you out on the range soon!


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