When Panic Sets In…

When Panic Sets In…

It was eleven short years ago when my wife was pregnant with our first daughter.  This was one of the happiest and yet anxious times of my life. I remember looking in the mirror at the hospital as my wife’s contractions were getting closer and closer together and I said to myself, “don’t panic and it will be OK!”  It was not long after, I met my amazing daughter for the first time.  The experience was crystal clear and time did not quite stand still, but it was very clear and all of my senses were accentuated.

As I fast forward to last weekend, I was training a shooter and we discussed the ‘Panic’ that can occur when shooting.  There is an insatiable need to feel like you need to shoot faster.  When this happens, you are shooting past your EDGE and the fundamentals break down.  What often times happens is you start to miss your shots and your string of fire ends up being a lot slower than you would like it to be and far short of your potential.

For me, the way I battle this phenomenon is to start off with a string of fire well within my Edge and then I dial it up from there.  All matches are not the same.  Your level of comfort is not the same.  The conditions are not the same.  This means should not necessarily be able to shoot your 100% times all of the time.  Evaluate what level you are shooting at and dial it in so the panic never sets in. You will always shoot better and faster when you are executing the fundamentals well!

See you out on the range soon!


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