Putting yourself out there…


It’s not always easy being in a position to make a decision to ‘put yourself out there’. Whether you are in your personal life or professional life, some of the best and fulfilling experiences is where I went for it.  After surveying the content available, Jeff Jones and I agreed to put ourselves out there and start a Podcast.  So here we go!!


The intended audience of the Podcast are business owners, competitive shooters and family in the shooting sports. These shooting sports span Steel Challenge, Rimfire Challenge, USPSA, SASP, etc. We plan to bring industry news to the community.  We will talk about relevant issues in the shooting sports and share our joint perspective on the ‘now’.  Along the way we will share tips and tricks to help make you a better shooter.


In doing some research, we found podcasting allows the listener to retain up to 3X the amount of information by listening instead of reading. The other good part about podcasting is you can listen at your leisure.  We have researched and have published our podcast on iTunes as well as SoundCloud.


If you haven’t already, join us on this journey. In the first episode, Jeff Jones and I interview Larry Joe Steeley Jr, the creator of Steel Target Paint.



If you have suggestions, please reach out to Jeff or myself. We have an extensive list of business owners, industry influencers, and competitive shooters lined up!  There will be exclusive announcements made on the podcast.  Stay tuned!


See you out on the range soon!


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