What I have learned…

Sometimes you know that something is not a good idea, but you do it anyway. Just like the time my brother started a fire in our wooden fort.  No, it gets better.  Then we thought it would be ‘cool’ to see what would happen if we tossed a lighter into the flame, inside the wooden fort.  Insert your best Wylie Coyote clip here.  *Kids don’t try this at home.  Still not sure how my brother and I made it into adulthood?!


I tell you this brief example because a lot of us look to facebook posts, Instagram, and other social media platforms for ideas. I think they can be a great way to shorten the learning curve, but just because something seems like a good idea, it may not be right for you.  People have told me over and over again you want to have the red dot sight as far forward as you can on a hand gun and on a rifle.  I have tried this method over and over again and something just does not feel comfortable.  I first made a change with my Tactical Solutions Xring and brought the sight to the middle of the receiver and it worked.  When I pulled the gun up – the dot was right there and the viewing window was perfect, for me.


This got me thinking about my PCC. After shooting the Alabama State Steel Challenge Match in December, where I shot a record 67.59, I was hesitant to change anything in my configuration.  I was shooting my JP GMR 13 with my Vortex Razor 6MOA towards the front of the ejection port. The sight picture was good, but it was not at the same comfort level as my Xring.  So, I did what some have said not to do, I started shooting my JP GMR 15 and I moved the Red Dot back on the receiver to the back of the gun.  As soon as I picked up my gun – the sight picture was very familiar… it was comfortable.


I decided I was going to put this configuration to the test at the local match at Strongpoint Shooting Complex in Waverly Hall Ga. I was relaxed and more confident than I have ever been with the gun.  I asked a fellow competitor to video Accelerator.  I shot a personal best this match logging a 8.17 with a personal best 1.82 on the fifth and final string.


Strong Point 1Strong Point 2


I share this experience and example with you to say it is perfectly fine to listen to advice, but make the best decision for you and your setup. The best golfers in the world don’t use the same golf clubs, the same loft, the same ball, etc.  They use what works for them.  Educate yourself and listen to people who have been in the game, at the highest levels, to shorten your learning curve and then make the right adjustments for you.


See you out on the range soon!

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