Subconscious Shooting

I remember when I first started driving.  I learned to drive ‘stick’ in my parents’ 1989 Toyota Corolla.  I would get in the car, make sure my seat was adjusted where I could adequately reach the pedals, adjust the mirrors so I could see what was behind me, put the key into the ignition, push in the clutch, turn the key and start the car.  It took several conscious steps, but I was now ready to make my first drive ‘around the block’.

Today, all I have to remember is where I put my keys, better yet find where my kids hid my keys from me. I no longer think consciously about all of the steps I made sure I did to start the car.  It is all automatic, is it being done in my subconscious.  Some of the best shooting performances I have ever had is where I was shooting in the ‘zone’ or my subconscious.

We all know in order to hit a target you have to have proper sight alignment, your index finger has the ‘sweet spot’ on the trigger and you squeeze the trigger not to alter the sight alignment to get your ‘hit’ on target.  So how do we get to subconscious shooting?  Just like we did with driving, it takes practice and repetition.  Your natural disposition, or your ability to shoot better than someone else without a lot of practice may start you off at a different point, but you will never get better until you put in the time.

Have you ever had a string where you heard the timer go off; you shot all targets in the array and then you realized you were done?  Have you ever had a situation in a string where time felt as though it slowed down?  Congratulations, you have a taste of what it means to shoot in the subconscious!  After you get a taste, you are hungry for more.  Be patient, the frequency of these occurrences will increase with practice and repetition!

Until next time, see you out on the range soon!


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